PST Benefits

PST is one of the top training facilities in the Southeast for a reason – we offer not only training, but the benefits of a long term, trusted training partner.

We offer

  • Certified Instructors with Real-World Experience
  • One-year FREE e-mail support with any course taken at PST’s site
  • One-year FREE re-take policy with any course taken at PST
  • Vendor Certified Curriculum given for all application courses
  • Microsoft Official Curriculum or Vendor Certified Curriculum given for all technical courses
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Continuing Education Units given for all courses
  • Hands-on Learning
  • A clean and friendly learning environment in a safe and popular location

Instructor Qualifications

  • PST instructors are Microsoft Certified Application Specialists, CompTIA, Novell, Lotus and Microsoft Certified ~ many hold the industrys highest levels of technical certification with the Microsoft Certified Trainer designation.
  • PST instructors are experts at translating the complex nature of network operating systems into understandable concepts and applied knowledge.
  • PST instructors have years of experience in high-level consulting fields as well as various medical, finance and educational fields.
  • PST instructors provide intense accelerated instruction and guidance, covering fundamentals and hands-on concepts, and demonstrating real-world scenarios to solidify each students understanding of concepts and skills covered at each and every level.
  • PST instructors deliver the curriculum; provide leadership and mentoring, and coaching of participants to ensure successful information comprehension and retention as well as certification, if desired. Instructors provide group instruction and individual assistance with a keen ability to cater to every aptitude and background.