Access Level 2

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Location: PST, Application Classroom
Length: 1 day
Times: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Price: $200



This course builds upon basic Microsoft Access skills acquired in Access Level 1 to help students become power users. In this Microsoft Access course, students will delve deeper into the program by studying topics such as how to manage data and data entry, create forms and dialog boxes, split databases, and much more.

You will learn to normalize data, join tables while observing referential integrity, query multiple tables, format forms and reports, and insert background images and charts. Upon completion, you will be able to create specialized objects such as looking up fields, subforms, subreports, navigation forms, and calculated fields.


This course is aimed at intermediate users of Microsoft Access or those who have already taken Access Level 1. Students taking this course are database administrators or prospective database administrators who have experience working with Access and need to learn advanced skills. This course helps participants prepare for certification when followed by Access Level 3.