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Due to low enrollment, we are not currently offering any in-person dates for this course. Alternatively, this course is available as instructor-led live online and self-paced on-demand.

PST, Application Classroom
Length: 1 day
Times: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Price: $225

Adobe Acrobat


In this course, participants will learn to use Adobe Acrobat to make information more accessible, portable and useful. We will cover how to make your documents universally accessible using Acrobat, create a PDF file from a variety of different software programs, navigate a PDF file as well as the Acrobat interface, modify and edit PDF files, create links and bookmarks in PDF files and how to create a simple slideshow/presentation.


This course is meant for those who wish to gain an understanding of the basic features and functions of Adobe Acrobat to assist in a work environment.