Several months ago I started writing about Learning in The Flow Of Work, an idea based on many trends in the workforce today. (video details below.) Well, I want to give you an update: a lot of progress is happening. On the technology side, almost every learning vendor is now adding tools to support …… Read More

One of the most important things companies do is hire people, and it’s still a bit of a black art. Most companies look at candidates job history, they call references, they give them tests, and they bring them in for interviews. And despite all this effort, HR leaders tell me they still make mistakes as… Read More

On the heels of LinkedIn’s acquisition of Glint, which lights a bonfire under the engagement market, I want to talk about something entirely different: Humu. Humu is the first behavioral change company focused on building an AI-based “nudge engine.” Let me start with a little context. The employee engagement market, which is over … Read… Read More