Web Design/E-Business Applications

Web Design/E-Business Applications

How do you define e-business? For small businesses, an e-business solution may be defined as the ability to take orders and process credit cards for products over the Internet. PST can help. Our friendly web experts can walk you through the web site development process. We can help you:

1. Create a web marketing presence
2. Establish a shopping cart
3. Obtain an Internet merchant account (through your bank)
4. Integrate with your existing systems
5. Integrate your shipping with UPS Worldship Shipping Software
6. Establish a web hosting account

Web Applications
Many businesses require an interactive, data-driven web application, whether for public use or corporate internal use (Intranet). These are higher-end, tailored websites that can be used to provide up-to-the minute information to the public or to employees, and to facilitate sales. We can help you:

1. Design overall site layout
2. Develop a database to provide data for the site
3. Provide site integration with the database system

Basic Websites
For businesses that do not have a website: If you would like to create a presence on the Internet, in order to communicate better with your customers and prospects. If you are interested in using the internet to extend your marketing efforts nationwide or worldwide.

PST can help. Our professional web development experts can tailor your website to meet your business needs. We can help you:

1. Create/Update your marketing presence
2. Organize your webpage content into a user friendly menu
3. Provide integration with your existing systems
4. Reduce/Automate your business processes
5. Improve customer relationships