Windows and Web Applications: .NET Technology

Windows and Web Applications: .NET Technology

Do you have a need for a custom-built Windows program to run on your PC or network? Do you have a need for a specially-designed, web-based “front-end” for your database? Do you have a special application in mind to fill a need in the marketplace – a program you can actually sell – but you do not have the expertise to create it?

At PST, we have built Windows-based and web-based applications using the latest Microsoft .NET technology, which allows rapid development of secure, data-driven, “bullet-proof” programs and applications. We can make Windows-based programs for operation on individual PCs or on networks. We can make web-based applications that are available to all your employees and even customers over the Internet. And we can make all applications interact with new or existing databases.

Our certified consultants can assist you in coordinating your critical business functions by implementing one or more of the following Microsoft server technologies:

SQL Server. Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and drive efficiency to your organization though enterprise data management and business intelligence. This next-generation data management and analysis solution delivers increased security, scalability, and availability to enterprise data and analytical applications, while making them easier to build, deploy, and manage.

Exchange Server. More businesses use Exchange Server for e-mail-based collaboration than any other product. Exchange Server enables knowledge workers to gain access to critical business communications almost whenever and wherever they need to and is designed to deliver greater security, availability, and reliability.

Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution can enable your organization to align work with business priorities, automate project management activities, and accelerate business success.

SharePoint Portal. An intelligent portal that connect users, teams, and knowledge from various systems into one solution through single sign-on and integration, with flexible deployment options and management tools.