Excel Level 3

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PST, Application Classroom
Length: 1 day
Times: 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM



This advanced course introduces participants to high-end features in Excel in order to build skills and tackle more complex data analysis. Participants will increase their competence in data analysis, helping them to meet targets more efficiently and also preparing them to move on to more advanced courses such as Excel Pivot Tables, Excel Power Pivot, and Excel VBA.

This course covers Pivot Tables, charts, collaborating with others, and the automation of complex and/or repetitive tasks. We will also focus on developing the skills to use conditional logic in order to construct and apply elaborate functions and formulas; enhancing participants' ability to become more productive and efficient in working with large amounts of data. Additional topics covered include advanced functions, What If analysis, Scenarios and Goal Seeker, VLOOKUPS, data imports, and Macros and forms.


This course is designed for anyone who has completed the Excel Level 2 course or possesses intermediate knowledge of Excel and is looking to build a more advanced skill set and knowledge of the application – in particular, anyone looking to learn the foundations of working with Pivot Tables and basic Macros. If you work with Excel extensively, this course will benefit you.