Executive Coaching

In collaboration with our executive services partner, SCS Advisory Group, PST helps make executives and their teams better through Executive Coaching, Executive Team Development, and other like services.

We help clients have bigger dreams, achieve better results, improve their culture, provide better service, simplify complex issues, have more fun, and be the place to work in their geographic or industry niche.

With a combined 45+ years experience in the roles of CEO or business owner, in both large corporations and small business, we have insights and perspectives that are practical, focused, and effective.

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Do your usual ways of leading the company yield the levels of success you or your stakeholders expect? And to whom do you turn when you need advice or professional development in your own role? We will help in any number of ways serving as a mentor or advisor, assessing your performance against other CEOs, improving your leadership branding, reshaping the goals and ambitions of the company, assisting with focus or key strategic issues, and more.



On average, 2 of 7 executives in your company dont agree with the companys strategy or goals! This statistic signals the need for many executive teams to be re-energized, re-focused, and re-shaped to fuel growth and improvement. We will help your companys executive team not simply be followers.



Many executive teams lack focus, accountability, and alignment and their company suffers with average results, poor morale, quality issues, and more. We will help your executive team overcome those deficits, enabling them to work as a highly effective team delivering best of class results.



Many companies fail to properly prepare and onboard their new leaders, thus limiting their speed to effectiveness, their degree of success, or worse. We will help your new leaders understand the fundamentals of leadership and how to utilize those fundamentals in meeting your expectations.



There are a number of business principles fundamental to the success of any organization. We will help the executive leadership team not only understand those principles, but also how best to incorporate them into the actions and behaviors of your organization.