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Whether you choose to pay through the GSA or use your SmartPay card, you will receive the same government rate. Pricing includes cost of the course and materials (no test vouchers or Transcenders included). If qualified, GSA pricing will be applied at checkout.

Courses Offered for GS-35F-0372M SIN 611420

Courses OfferedCourse LengthGSA Price w/ IFF
10135: Configure, Manage and Troubleshoot MS Exchange Server 20105 Days$1,527.37
2015: Enabling Business Processes Using XML Smart Documents1 Day$311.08
2310: Developing ASP .Net Web Applications5 Days$2,014.19
2373: Programming with VB .Net 5 Days$2,014.19
2433: MS VB Scripting Edition & MS Windows Script Host Essentials3 Days$1,088.10
2553: Administering Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 20033 Days$1,088.10
2559: Introductions to VB. Net Programming5 Days$2,007.50
2667: Introduction to Programming3 Days$1,088.10
2710: Analyzing Requirements and Defining Microsoft .NET Solution Architectures5 Days$1,527.37
2778: Writing Queries Using Microsoft SQL Server 20083 Days$1,204.97
2810: Fundamentals of Network Security4 Days$1,148.55
2830: Designing Security for MS Networks3 Days$916.42
50050: Architecting Documents and Records Management Solutions with MOSS 20072 Days$725.40
50051: Architecting Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Portals and Collaboration Solutions2 Days$725.40
50149: SharePoint 2007 Operations5 Days$1,813.50
50240: Set up, Manage, and Maintain a Virtual Environment using Microsoft Windows Server with Hyper-V and System Center Virtual Machine Manager 20082 Days$685.10
5047: Installing & Managing Exchange Server 20073 Days$1,027.65
5049: Managing Messaging with Exchange Server 20071 Day$342.55
5050: Recovering Messaging Servers and Databases with Exchange Server 20071 Day$342.55
5051: Monitoring & Troubleshooting Exchange Server 20072 Days$685.10
5058: Deploying MS Office 2007 Professional2 Days$604.50
5060: Implementing Windows SharePoint Services 3.02 Days$765.70
5061: Implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 20073 Days$1,088.10
5105: Deploying Windows Vista Business Desktops3 Days$1,027.65
5115: Installing and Configuring the Windows Vista Operating System3 Days$1,027.65
5116: Configuring Windows Vista Mobile Computing and Applications2 Days$725.40
5118: Maintaining & Troubleshooting Windows Vista3 Days$1,027.65
5119: Supporting Windows Vista w. Desktop Images and App Packages2 Days$685.10
6156: What's New in SQL Server 20081 Day$342.55
6158: Updating Your SQL Skills to SQL Server 20083 Days$1,027.65
6231: Maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database5 Days$1,527.37
6232: Implementing a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Database5 Days$1,527.37
6235: Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Integration Services3 Days$1,204.97
6236: Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services3 Days$1,204.97
6292: Install and Configure Windows 7 Client3 Days$1,088.10
6317: Upgrading Your SQL Server 2000 Database Administration (DBA) Skills to SQL Server 2008 DBA Skills3 Days$1,204.97
6417: Updating your Application Infrastructure Technology Skills to Server 20083 Days$1,027.65
6418: Deploying Windows Server 2008 (Beta 3)3 Days$1,027.65
6420: Fundamentals of Windows Server 2008 Network and Applications Infrastructure5 Days$1,607.97
6421: Config/Troubleshoot Windows Server 2008 NW Infrastructure5 Days$1,607.97
6424: Fundamentals of Server 20083 Days$1,027.65
6425: Configure and Troubleshooting Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain Services5 Days$1,607.97
6428: Configure and Troubleshoot Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services5 Days$725.40
6430: Planning and Administering Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 in Windows Server 20082 Days$1,607.97
6438A: Implementing and Administering Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 in Windows Server 20082 Days$765.70
A+ Certification5 Days$1,446.77
Access 2007 Lv 11 Day$120.90
Access 2007 Lv 21 Day$141.05
Access 2007 Lv 31 Day$141.05
Access 2007 Lv 4 1 Day$157.17
Access 2010 Lv 11 Day$120.90
Access 2010 Lv 21 Day$141.05
Access 2010 Lv 31 Day$141.05
Access 2010 Lv 41 Day$157.17
Adobe Acrobat Professional Lv 11 Day$157.17
Adobe Acrobat Professional Lv 21 Day$157.17
Captivate1 Day$181.35
CCNA Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices5 Days$2,145.00
CCNA Introduction to Cisco Network Technologies5 Days$2,145.00
CCNP Building Cisco Mutlilayer Switched Networks5 Days$2,145.00
CCNP Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks5 Days$2,145.00
CCNP Building Cisco Remote Access Networks (BCRAN)5 Days$2,010.97
CCNP Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting (CIT)5 Days$2,010.97
CCSP Cisco Secure PIX Firewall Advanced (CSPFA)5 Days$2,010.97
Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)5 Days$1,527.37
Certified Ethical Hacking/ Certified Network Defense Archintecture5 Days$2,010.97
Cisco Network Administration Bootcamp5 Days$1,813.50
CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional5 Days$2,010.97
ColdFusion Lv 11 Day$201.50
ColdFusion Lv 21 Day$201.50
CompTIA Technical Trainer + Certification3 Days$765.70
CorelDraw1 Day$157.17
Crystal Reports Advanced2 Days$362.70
Crystal Reports Intro2 Days$362.70
Dreamweaver Lv 11 Day$201.50
Dreamweaver Lv 21 Day$201.50
Enhancing Your Photos using CS31/2 Day$120.90
Excel 2007 Lv 11 Day$120.90
Excel 2007 Lv 21 Day$141.05
Excel 2007 Lv 31 Day$141.05
Excel 2010 Lv 11 Day$120.90
Excel 2010 Lv 21 Day$141.05
Excel 2010 Lv 31 Day$141.05
Excel Functions1/2 Day$79.79
Excel Lv 41 Day$141.05
Excel Pivot Tables1/2 Day$79.79
Excel: Intro to VBA1 Day$181.35
Expression Web Lv 11 Day$201.50
Expression Web Lv 21 Day$201.50
File Management Basics1/2 Day$63.67
Flash Lv 11 Day$362.70
Flash Lv 21 Day$362.70
FrameMaker Lv 11 Day$181.35
FrameMaker Lv 21 Day$322.40
HTML Lv 11 Day$282.10
HTML Lv 21 Day$282.10
Illustator Lv 12 Days$171.09
Illustator Lv 22 Days$171.09
Implementing Secure Converged Wide Area Network (ISCW)5 Days$1,813.50
InDesign Lv 11 Day$157.17
InDesign Lv 21 Day$157.17
InfoPath Creating Forms1 Day$362.70
Introduction to the Macintosh1 Day$120.90
Keyboarding 1011/2 Day$63.67
Keyboarding 1021/2 Day$63.67
Linux+5 Days$1,527.37
Lotus Notes: Databases1 Day $157.17
Lotus Notes: Mail & Calendars1 Day$157.17
Managing Technology4 Days$1,007.50
Network+ Certification5 Days$1,527.37
Office New Features1/2 Day$95.91
Optimizing Network Technologies (ONT)3 Days$1,204.97
Outlook 2007 Lv 11 Day$120.90
Outlook 2007 Lv 21 Day$141.05
Outlook 2007 Lv 31 Day$141.05
Outlook 2010 Lv 11 Day$120.90
Outlook 2010 Lv 21 Day$141.05
Outlook 2010 Lv 31 Day$141.05
PageMaker Lv 11 Day$157.17
PageMaker Lv 21 Day$157.17
PC Basics1/2 Day$63.67
Photoshop Lv 11 Day$157.17
Photoshop Lv 21 Day$157.17
PowerPoint 2007 Lv 11 Day$120.90
PowerPoint 2007 Lv 21 Day$141.05
PowerPoint 2010 Lv 11 Day$120.90
PowerPoint 2010 Lv 21 Day$141.05
Project 2007 Lv 11 Day$157.17
Project 2007 Lv 21 Day$177.32
Project 2010 Lv 11 Day$157.17
Project 2010 Lv 21 Day$177.32
Project Fundamentals1 Day$199.98
Project Management Certification Course5 Days$1,644.50
Publisher1 Day$181.35
QuarkXPress Lv 11 Day$181.35
QuarkXPress Lv 21 Day$181.35
Quickbooks Lv 11 Day$157.17
Quickbooks Lv 21 Day$157.17
Security+ Certification5 Days$1,527.37
SharePoint Designer 2007: Lv 11 Day$362.70
SharePoint Designer 2007: Lv 21 Day$362.70
SharePoint Services 3.0: Lv 12 Days$765.70
SharePoint Services 3.0: Lv 22 Days$765.70
Visio Professional 2007 Lv 11 Day$181.35
Visio Professional 2007 Lv 21 Day$181.35
Visio Professional 2010 Lv 11 Day$181.35
Visio Professional 2010 Lv 21 Day$181.35
Visual Basic Database Programming5 Days$1,571.70
Visual Basic Introduction3 Days$1,088.10
Windows 7 Lv 11 Day$120.90
Word 2007 Lv 11 Day $120.90
Word 2007 Lv 21 Day$141.05
Word 2007 Lv 31 Day$141.05
Word 2010 Lv 11 Day$120.90
Word 2010 Lv 21 Day$141.05
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