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Course Objectives:

1. The Interface
Understand the Interface
Customize the Workspace

2. New Document
Create a New Document
Artboard Options

3. Artwork
Navigation Panel
Windows and Views

4. Drawing Objects
Drawing Basic Objects
Create Basic Shapes
Line Tools

5. Pencil, Pen Tool
Isolation Mode

6 .Perspective
Draw New Objects in Perspective

7. Image Trace
Image Trace Panel Options
Modify Image Trace Settings

8. Symbols
Work with Symbol Instances
Use 9-Slice Scaling

 9. Color
Work with Color, Use Color Picker
Create and Edit Swatches
Gradient Stroke Options

10. Color Groups
Adjust Color, Print or Web Color
Change Document Color Mode
Edit Document Colors

11. Paint
Paint with Fill and Stroke
Convert Strokes to Compound Paths

12. Brushes
Brushes and Brush Panel

13. Transparency
Transparency and Blend Modes
Transparency in Artwork

14. Patterns
Create and Use Patterns
Graphs and Charts

15. How to Use Type Tools
Type Tools, Character Panel
Thread Text to Flow, Control Type Layout
Convert Text to Outlines

16. Free Transform Tools
17. Special Effects
Raster Effects

18. Optimize Graphics
Rulers, Artboard, Bleed, Spot Color
Attributes Panel, Print, Web Output

19. Common Workflow and Design Practices
Project Requirements
Project Plan
Design Principles
File Basics