Designing Server 2012 Online

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Course Objectives (70-413):

1. Planning and Deploying a Server Infrastructure in Windows Server 2012
Design an Automated Server Installation Strategy
Plan and Implement a Server Deployment Infrastructure
Plan and Implement Server Upgrade and Migration
Plan and Deploy Virtual Machine Manager Services
Plan and Implement File and Storage Services

2. Designing and Implementing Network Infrastructure Services in Windows Server 2012
Design and Maintain a DHCP Solution
Design and Name Resolution Solution Strategy
Design and Manage an IP Address Management Solution

3. Designing and Implementing Network Access Services in Windows Server 2012
Design a VPN Solution
Design a DirectAccess Solution
Design a Network Protection Solution

4. Designing and Implementing a Logical AD Infrastructure
Design and Implement Forests and Domains
Designing a Group Policy Strategy
Designing an Active Directory Permissions Model

5. Designing and Implementing a Physical AD Infrastructure
Active Directory Replication Implementation
Domain Controllers Design and Implementation
Branch Office Infrastructures Design and Implementation