Developing Microsoft SQL Server Databases Online

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Course Objectives (70-464):

1. Introduction to SQL Server Toolset & Services
SQL Server Management Studio
SQL Server Configuration Manager
SQL Server Utilities

2. Working with Data Types
Data Types in SQL Server
Numeric Data Types
Date and Time Data Types
Character Data Types
Working with Specialized Data Types

3. Designing and Implementing Tables & Views
Keys in SQL Server
System Tables and Schemas
Temporary Tables and Computed Columns

4. Ensuring Data Integrity through Constraints
Data Integrity Introduction

5. Designing and Implementing Views
Types of Views
Creating and Dropping Views
Altering and Updating Views
Performance Considerations and Partitioned Views
Indexed Views

6. Introduction to Indexing
Indexing in SQL Server
Index Structures and Fragmentation
Data Types and Indexes
Index Statistics
Clustered Index
Non-Clustered Index

7. Advanced Indexing
Indexed Views
Filtered and Full-Text Indexes
Columnstore Indexes

8. Reading SQL Server Execution Plans
Execution Plans
Common Execution Plan Elements
Working with Execution Plans

9. Designing and Implementing Stored Procedures
Stored Procedure
Working with Stored Procedures
Parameters in Stored Procedures
Execution Context

10. Designing and Implementing User-Defined Functions
User-Defined Functions
Performance of User-Defined Functions
Guidelines to Creating User-Defined Functions

11. Data Manipulation via Triggers
Designing DML Triggers
Implementation of DML Triggers
Advanced Concepts in DML Triggers

12. Implementing Managed Code in SQL Server
Importing and Cataloging Assembly
Implementing SQL CLR Integration

13. Creating Highly Concurrent SQL Server Applications
Role of Transactions
Transaction Isolation Levels

14. Handling Errors in T-SQL Code
T-SQL Error Handling
Handling Errors
Structure Error Handling

15. Storing and Querying XML Data in SQL Server
Storing XML Data in SQL Server
Querying XML Data in SQL Server

16. Working with SQL Server Spatial Data
Spatial Data
Working with SQL Server Spatial Data Types
Using Spatial Data in Applications