Designing Solutions for Microsoft SQL Server Online

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Course Objectives (70-465):

1. Designing a Database Server Infrastructure
Planning for Database Server Infrastructure
Database Server Consolidation
Planning Server Hardware
Managing Server Resources

2. Designing a Logical Database Schema
Relational Database Design Techniques
Normal Forms
Planning Schemas and Tables
Lab and Demos

3. Designing a Physical Database Implementation
Planning Files and Filegroups
Planning a Partitioning Strategy
Planning Compression

4. Tuning Database Performance
Tuning Database Performance
Optimization Using Indexes
Optimization Using Query Plans
Performance Monitoring

5. Designing Database Security
Planning Security
Contained Databases
Protecting Data with Encryption

6. Policy Based Management
Planning and implementing Policy-Based Management

7. Monitoring Server Health
SQL Server Utility

8. Managing SQL Server with PowerShell
PowerShell Cmdlets, Modules, and Commands
PowerShell in SQL Server and Scripting

9. Replicating Data
SQL Server Replication
More about Replications

10. Planning High Availability and Disaster Recovery
 High Availability and Disaster Recovery
Uses in Databases in Azure

11. Clustering with Windows Serer and SQL Server
Windows Server Failover Clustering
AlwaysOn Failover Cluster Instances

12. AlwaysOn Availability Groups
AlwaysOn Availability
Working with AlwaysOn
Considerations for Using AlwaysOn

13. Consolidating Database Workloads with SQL Server
Considerations for Database Server Consolidations
Managing Server Resources

14. Introduction to Cloud Data Solutions
SQL Server in a Private Cloud

15. Windows Azure SQL Database
Microsoft Azure SQL Database
Azure SQL Database Security
Implementing and Managing Databases

16. Introduction to Windows Azure
Azure Storage
Azure Powershell
Azure Storage and SQL Server

17. SQL Server in Windows Azure Virtual Machines
SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machines
Azure VM Connectivity and Security
Creating Databases in an Azure Virtual Machine