Designing and Deploying Exchange Server 2010 Online

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Course Objectives (70-663):

1. Active Directory, DNS, Server Roles & Storage
Exchange and Active Directory
Exchange and DNS
Exchange 2010 Server Roles
Mailbox Server Role
Mailbox Sizing and Memory

2. Mailbox and Folder Design, CAS, & RPC
Mailbox Recipient Design
Public Folder Design
Designing Client Access Servers
Designing RPC Client Access
Designing CAS Client Security

3. Hub Transport, Edge Servers, Federated Sharing, Foreign Connectors, & RBAC
Designing Hub Transportation
Edge Servers and Message Hygiene
Federated Sharing
Connecting with Foreign Mail Systems
Transport Rules and Message Journaling
Role-Based Access Control

4. Database, CAS & Hub/Edge/High Availability, and Maintenance
Database High Availability
CAS High Availability
Hub/Edge/AD High Availability
Planning Backup and Recovery
Messaging Records Management
Upgrade Planning
Monitoring and Troubleshooting