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Course Objectives:

Level 1 – Working with Databases

1. Databases
What is a Database?
Access Databases
Parts of Access Database
Tour of the Backstage View
Get Help
Customize Quick Access Toolbar

2. Existing Data
Work with Existing Data
Adding Records to Labels
Updating Records
Deleting Records
Find Data
Replace Data
Sort Data
Add Row Totals
Change View
Run Queries
Navigation Options

3. Relational Databases
Flat vs. Relational Databases
Identify Entities and Attributes
Planning a Database

Level 2 – Creating, Modifying, and Managing Tables

1. Create a Database
Create Database with Template
Create Database with Wizard
Create Database in Old Format
Create a New Database

2. Create Tables
Create Tables in Datasheet View
Tables from Templates, Application Parts
Import Tables from Other Databases
Import External Data into Tables
Create Linked Tables from Other Sources
Create Tables in Design View
Format Tables, Hide Fields in Tables
Add Table Descriptions
Rename Tables

3. Create and Modify Fields
Table Views
Unique Values
Test Fields
Set Primary Key Fields, Auto Increment
Change Field Captions, Sizes, and Data Types

Level 3 – Working with Forms in Access

1. Create Forms
Creating a Form
Split Form with Wizard
Split Forms and Blank Forms
Create Forms with Application Parts
Modify Forms
Layout View vs. Design View
Prebuilt Form Layouts

2. Manage Labels
Move Form Controls
Make Multiple Selections
Arrange Items in Forms
Work with Form Layouts

3. Enhance Forms
Insert Headers and Footers
Add Form Controls
Add a Button
Set Form Control Properties
Remove Form Controls

4. Organize Forms
Organizing a Form
Modify Tab Order in Forms
Modify Data Sources
Add Subforms

5. Format Forms
Format Forms, Apply Themes
Insert Backgrounds
Insert Images
Sort Records
Format Printing Layouts, Change Margins

6. Navigation Forms
Work with and Create Navigation Forms
Format Navigation Forms

Level 4 – Working with Queries

1. Queries
Purpose of Queries
Create Queries
Add Fields and Save Queries

2. Modify Queries
Hide and Remove Fields
Rename and Delete Queries
Modify and Sort Queries
Format Fields in Queries

3. Multitable Queries
Create Multitable Queries
Inner and Outer Joins

4. Criteria In Queries
Types of Criteria in Queries
Use Criteria in Queries
Use AND and OR in Queries
Us IN in Queries
Use NOT and BETWEEN in Queries
Use NULL in Queries
Use Wildcards in Queries
Use Parameters in Queries

5. Calculations in Queries
Calculated Fields
Expression Builder
Text Calculation
Numeric Calculation
Group and Summarize Data
Crosstab Queries
Return Top Result

6. Action Queries
Use Action Queries
Make Table Query
Append Query
Update Query
Delete Query
Recap Action Queries