PMP Online

Course Objectives:

1. Project Management Overview
2. Managing Projects with Organizations
3. Project Management Process Groups
4. Execution, Monitoring, and Controlling
5. Project Change Control and Closure
6. Initiation Basics
7. Developing a Project Charter
8. Project Management Plan
9. Collecting Requirements and Defining Scope
10. Monitor and Control Project Scope
11. Defining and Sequencing Project Activities
12. Developing and Controlling the Project Schedule
13. Estimating Activity Resources and Durations
14. Controlling Costs
15. Estimating and Budgeting Project Costs
16. Project Quality Planning
17. Quality Assurance and Cost Control
18. Managing Projects for Human Resources
19. Planning Projects for Human Resources
20. Processes for Managing Project Communications
21. Stakeholders and the Communication Management Plan
22. Identifying Project Risks
23. Performing Risk Analysis
24. Risk Management Planning
25. Risk Response, Monitor, and Control
26. Managing Procurement During Your Project
27. Planning Procurement for Your Project
28. Stakeholder Identification Planning
29. Project Stakeholder Engagement and Communication
30. PMI Certification Requirements