Acrobat 9 Online

Course Objectives:

1. Introduction
File Distribution
Adobe Acrobat Family
Reader vs. Acrobat

2. Understanding the Interface
Menu and Tool Bars
Navigation Pane
Customizing the Interface
Show/Hide Toolbars
Navigation Pane Panels
Adobe Organizer
Document Navigation Tricks
Using Bookmarks

3. The Interface and Menu Bars
Zoom Tools/Features

4. Acrobat Distiller
Using Acrobat Distiller
PDF Compatibility
Image Settings
Text Settings

5. Creating PDFs
Create PDF with Distiller
High Quality PDF Distiller Settings
Create PDF with PDF Printer
Create PDF from Scanner
OCR Text Recognition
Straighten Scanned Document
Find OCR Suspects
Create PDF from Web Page
Create PDF from Multiple Files
Merge File Supported Files

6. Distiller/Conversions
Converting Multiple Files

7. Adobe PDF Maker
Using PDF Maker
PDF Maker Preferences
Work Heading Styles
Convert Headings to Bookmarks

8. Links and Bookmarks
Creating a Hyperlink
Editing Hyperlinks
Adding Bookmarks
Initial View Properties
Preview Initial View Settings

9. Acrobat Features
Adding Headers and Footers
Saving Headers and Footers
Adding Backgrounds
Adding Watermarks

10. Headings and Footers
Converting Headings

11. Manipulating PDF Documents
Deleting Pages
Extracting Pages
Inserting Pages
Replacing Pages
Combining Documents
Splitting Documents

12. Editing and Reviewing PDFs
Adding Comments
Text Editing
Highlighting Text
Using Markup Tools
Collaborating via Comments
Enable Acrobat Reader Commenting
TouchUp Text Tool
Modify Text Properties
TouchUp Object Tool

13. Comments/Edits
Delete Page/Text Tools