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Course Objectives:

1. Telecommunications & Network Security
OSI Reference Model
OSI Layers
Media/LAN Topologies
LAN/WAN/Remote Access
Remote Access Security
Network Devices
Security Protocols and Services
Security Techniques
Common Network Attacks

2. Information Security Governance and Risk Management
Security Management training
Risk Assessment
Security Policy
Job Policies and Training

3. Software Development Security
Application Issues
Databases and Warehousing
Data and Information Storage
System Development Controls
Malicious Code
Methods of Attack

4. Cryptography
History and Goals
Concepts and Methodologies
Cryptographic Algorithms
Cryptographic Practices
System Architectures
Methods of Attack

5. Security Architecture and Design
Machine Operation
Operating Modes/Protection Mechanisms
Evaluation Criteria
Security Models
Common Flaws and Security Issues

6. Operations Security
Administrative Management
Operation Controls
Intrusion Detection
Threats and Countermeasures

7. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning
BCP Project Scope
Business Impact Analysis
DRP Planning and Recovery
Recovery Plan
Recovery Plan Implementation

8. Legal, Regulations, Investigations, and Compliance
Types of Computer Crime
Categories of Law
Computer Laws
Types of Incidents
Incident Handling
Investigation and Evidence

9. Physical (Environmental) Security
Physical Security Threats
Facility Requirements
Physcial Security Controls
Environmental Issues
Physical Security

10. Access Control
Access Control Basics
Data Classification
Access Control Techniques
Access Control Implementation
Identification and Authentication
Attach and Monitor