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Course Objectives (1D0-510):

1. Networking Basics, Hardware Requirements, OSI Model, IP Addressing, & Web Browsers
CIW Foundations
Networking Basics
Hardware Requirements
Getting ConnectedInternet Service Providers
The OSI Model
Understanding IP Addressing
Domain Names
Protocols and Ports
Understanding Web Browsers
Browser Add-Ons

2. Network Security, Viruses, Search Engines, Web Site Planning, & HTML
Network Security
Search Engines
Using Search Engines
Web Site Planning
HTML Foundations
HTML Formatting

3. Graphics, Web Color, Lists, Tables, Forms, Linking, & Frames
Adding Graphics
Web Color
Creating Lists
Using Tables
Linking Content
Collecting Data with Forms
Optimizing Graphics
Working with Frames

4. Advanced Authoring Techniques, E-Commerce, Web Site Administration, Legal and Ethical Issues, & Web Technologies
Advanced Authoring Techniques
E-Commerce Standards
Web Site Administration
Publishing Web Sites
Legal and Ethical Issues
Managing Projects
Web Technologies