CIW Server Administrator

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Course Objectives (1DO-450):

1. Introduction, Hardware, OS, Network Configuration, & User Management
Internet Systems
Hardware and Oss
OS Installation
Network Configuration
User Management

2. Account Management, User Permissions, & DNS
Windows Account Management
Linux Account Management
User Permissions
Assign User Permissions
Linus DNS Servers
Windows DNS Servers
DNS Clients

3. SMB Networking, Samba, IIS, Apache Servers, & Common Gateway Interface
SMB Networking
Manage Samba Users
IIS Servers
Apache Servers
Apache Directory Configuration

4. Virtual Servers, SSL, Streaming Media Servers, Email Servers, & FTP Servers
Virtual Servers
Secure Socket Layer
Proxy and Streaming Media Servers
Email Servers
FTP Servers

5. Telnet, NNTP, Linus Access Control, System Performance, Fault Tolerance, & Server Security
NNTP Services
Linux Access Control
System Performance
Fault Tolerance Server Security