Excel 2016 Online

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Course Objectives:

1. Microsoft Excel 2016 Interface
Selecting and Navigating
Keyboard Navigation and Basic Data Entry
The Ribbon
The Quick Access Toolbar
Creating a New Spreadsheet
Compatibility Issues
Cell Data and Data Types
Accessing Help
Creating Worksheet Formulas
Insert Functions
Re-Using Formulas and Functions
Insert, Delete & Adjust Columns & Rows
Find and Replace
Using Proofing and Research Tools
Apply Text Formats
Align Cell Contents
Applying Styles and Themes
Conditional Formatting
Creating and Using Templates
Preview and Print a Notebook
Page Layout
Configure Headers & Footers

2. Managing Excel
Managing Worksheets
View Options
Managing Worksheet Properties
Working with Named Ranges
Using Named Ranges in Formulas
Excel Functions
Using Specialized Functions
Working with Logical Functions
Nesting Functions
Date and Time Functions
Working with Text Functions
Sorting Data
Filtering Data
Using Database Functions
Using Subtotals

3. Create and Modify Tables
Manipulating Table Data
Conditional Formatting Rules
Using Logical Functions with Conditional Formatting

4. Excel Charts
Creating Charts
Modifying and Formatting Charts
Creating Dual Axis Chart
Chart Templates

5. Excel PivotTables
Creating a PivotTable
Analyzing PivotTable Data
Pivot Charts
Slicers and Timelines

6. Excel Data Functions
Using Links and External References
Using 3d References
Consolidating Data
Using Lookup Functions
Tracing Precedent and Department Cells
Watching and Evaluating Formulas

7. Excel Workbooks
Comments and Tracking Changes
Comparing and Merging Workbooks
Accessibility Checker
Protecting Worksheets and Workbooks

8. Excel Data Trends
Applying Data Validation
Search for Invalid Data
Working with Macros
Creating Sparklines
3D Maps
Data Tables
Using Scenarios
Goal Seek
Forcasting Data Trends
Changing Your Display
Importing Delimited Text Files
Data Forms and Form Controls
Calculated Fields and Cube Functions