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Course Objectives:

1. Getting Started
Creating Documents
Opening & Uploading Existing Documents
Document Interface Overview

2. New Document From Template
New Doc From Template

3. Document Fundamentals
Click & Type
Type Justification
Cut, Copy, Paste Concepts
Page Setup
Saving Documents

4. Adjust Margins
Adjust Margins

5. Basic Formatting
Text Formatting
Font Formatting
Paragraph Formatting

6. Insert Page Break
Insert Page Break

7. Advanced Formatting
Using the Ruler
Working with Tabs & Indents
Working with Lists
Working with Headers & Footers

8. Numbered List
Numbered List

9. Customizing Documents
Importing Images
Adding Hyperlinks
Working with Drawings
Working with Comments & Footers

10. Create Footnote
Create Footnote

11. Template Gallery
Text Formatting

12. Tables
Inserting Tables
Customizing Table Properties
Inserting & Deleting Rows and Columns
Adjusting Row & Column Height

13. Creating Tables
Creating Tables

14. Proofing Documents
Spelling Checker
Find and Replace
Word Usage Toold
Translating a Document

15. Find and Replace
Find and Replace

16. Saving Time
Keyboard Navigation
AutoComplete, AutoCorrect

17. Automatic Substitution
Automatic Substitution

18. Document Navigation Techniques
Using Bookmarks
Adding a Table of Contents

19. Table of Contents
Table of Contents

20. Document Distribution
Downloading and Copying Documents
Revision History
Sharing and Collaboration
Communicating with Collaborators
Notification Settings
Publishing Your Document

21. Sharing Documents
Sharing Documents

22. Find and Replace