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Course Objectives:

1. Getting Started
Creating a Presentation
Uploading a Presentation
Presentation Interface Overview

2. Presentation Fundamentals
Best Practices
Creating Slides
Importing Slides
Slide Layout Options
Slide Navigation
Slide Themes

3. Formatting Text
Text Boxes
Formatting Basics
Lists and Bulleted Lists
Working with Text Boxes

4. Drawing Options
Drawing Tools
Cut, Copy, Paste Drawing Objects
Grouping and Aligning Objects
Defining Object Order

5. Creating Presentations

6. Working with Images and Video
Uploading and Inserting an Image
Inserting an Image Using A URL
Slide Backgrounds
Inserting a YouTube Video

7. Working with Tables
Inserting a Table
Customizing Borders and Shading
Adding Rows and Columns
Adjusting Rows and Columns

8. Animating Slide Elements
Slide Transitions
Animating Text
Animating Shapes and Images

9. Collaboration and Distribution
Adding Speaker Notes
Download Options
Revision History
Print Options
Presenting the Presentation
Publishing the Presentation

10. Graphics and Video
Grouping Images