Google Spreadsheets Online

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Course Outline:

1. Getting Started
Creating a New Spreadsheet
Opening Existing Spreadsheets
Spreadsheet Interface Overview

2. Create Spreadsheet
Cerate Spreadsheet

3. Spreadsheet Fundamentals
Enterin and Selecting Data
Formatting Data
Data Types
Editing Worksheets

4. Change Selected Value
Change Selected Value

5. Creating Documents
Format Option

6. Beyond the Basics
Working with Formulas
Working with Functions
Conditional Formatting & Data Validation

7. Average Function
Average Function

8. Enhancing Spreadsheets
Inserting Images
Working with Charts
Creating Drawings
Working with Forms
Google Gadgets

9. Insert Image
Insert Image

10. Image Types

11. Spreadsheet Organization & Optimization
Getting Organized
Manipulating the Screen Display
Sorting & Filtering Data
Pivot Tables

12. Rename Spreadsheet
Rename Spreadsheet

13. Spreadsheet Distribution
Print Options
Downloading and Copying Spreadsheets
Revision History
Sharing and Collaboration
Notifications Rules
Publishing Spreadsheets

14. Share Spreadsheets
Share Spreadsheet

15. Features