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Course Objectives:

 1.Introduction to HTML5
HTML5 Fundamentals Intro
New Features of HTML5
Tools Needed to Write HTML5 Code
Example Coding Environment
My First HTML5 Page
Role of JavaScript in HTML5

2.Introduction to HTML5
HTML 5 Tags

3.HTML Text Markup
Basic Document Structure

4.HTML Text Markup
Saving the Document

5.HTML5 Text Markup
Global Attributes

6.HTML5 Forms
Option Groups
Regular Expression Pattern Matching
Required Fields

7.HTML 5 Forms
Create a Datalist

8.HTML5 Audio and Video
Add Objects to the Page
Accepted File Formats/Codecs
Setting the Preload Attribute

9.HTML 5 Audio and Video
Adding Audio Controls
Adding a Secondary Audio Source

10.Adding Audio and Video to HTML5 Documents
Adding a Player

11.HTML5 Canvas and SVG
Creating the Canvas
Images on the Canvas

12.HTML 5 Canvas and SVG
Creating an Arc

13.HTML5 Communication APIs
AJAX Defined
Disadvantages of AJAX
Posting Results via innerHTML
Creating an XMLHttpRequest Object
Sending an XMLHttpRequest
Monitoring Server Communication
Interacting with a Remote Server
Sending Parameters

14.HTML 5 Communication APIs
Script Tags

Drawing Tools

16.HTML5 Web Workers
Web Workers Defined
Web Worker Features
Web Worker Limitations
Creating a Web Worker Object
Writing the Web Worker Code

17.HTML 5 Web Workers
Identifying Code Sections

18.HTML5 Geolocation
Understanding Geolocation
Geolocation Callback Function
Getting Additional Position Data
Trapping Geolocation Errors
Creating and Displaying a Map

19.HTML5 Data Storage
Understanding HTML 5 Storage
Storing Data on the Client
Retrieving Data from Storage

20.HTML 5 Data Storage
Creating an Input Box

21.Mobile Devices and Data Storage

22.Asset Management
Text Markup

23.Working with Lists
CSS for Lists

24.Creating HTML Links
Creating Internal and External Links
Creating Anchors

25.Working with Images and Media
Displaying images, creating image links and image styling with CSS

26.HTML Tables
Creating HTML Tables

27.HTML Forms
Creating Text Form Elements
Creating Radio Buttons and Checkbox Elements

28.Understanding the CSS Box Model
Working with Margins, Padding and Borders

29.CSS Based Page Layout
Inline vs. Block Level Elements and Positioning
Float and Clear
Creating a CSS Navigation Bar

30.Storing Data
Intro to Storing Data
Storing Data “Permanently” with Store.js
Storing on the Server
“Offline” Apps

31.Audio and Video
Controlling Output with Javascript
Building a complete MP3 Player
Using the on-board Camera

Where Am I?
Working with Compass

Working with Accelerometer