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Course Objectives:

1. Getting Started
Exam Essentials
Business/IT Alignment
Outcome and Output
Service Provider

2. Finding Success
Why ITIL is Successful?
Best Practices in Public Domain
Benefits of ITIL

3. IT Service Management Overview
IT Service Management
Stakeholders in Service Management
Internal and External Services
Internal and External Customers
Process Model
Function and Role
RACI Model
Introduction to ITIL
Service Lifecycle Approach

4. Service Strategy
Purpose of Service Strategy
Objectives of Service Strategy
Scope of Service Strategy
Service Strategy Value to Business
Service Value
Assets, Resources, and Capabilities
Core, Enabling, and Enhancing Services
Service Strategy Processes

5. Service Portfolio Management
Pupose of Service Portfolio Management
Objectives of Service Portfolio Management
Scope of Service Portfolio Management
Overview of Service Portfolio Management

6. Demand Management
Purpose of Demand Management
Objectives of Demand Management
Scope of Demand Management
Key Concept of Demand Management

7. Financial Management
Purpose of Financial Management
Objectives of Financial Mangement
Scope of Financial Management
Financial Management: Business Case
Risk in Financial Management

8. Business Relationship Management
Purpose of Business Relationship Management
Objectives of Business Relationship Management
Scope of Business Relationship Management
Business Relationship Mangaement and Service Level Management
Storyline End

9. Service Design
Exam Essentials
Storyline Starting
Purpose of Service Design
Scope of Service Design
Service Design Value to Business
Service Design Package
Four Ps of Service Design
Five Aspects of Service Design
Technology and Architecture in Automation of Processes
Service Design Processes

10. Design Coordination
Purpose of Design Coordination Process
Objectives of Design Coordination Process
Scope of Design Coordination Process

11. Service Level Management
Purpose of Service Level Management Process
Objectives of Service Level Management Process
Scope of Service Level Management Process
SLM Agreements
SLA Frameworks
SLM Activities
Roles and Responsibilities of Service Level Manager

12. Service Catalogue Management
Purpose of Service Catalogue Management Process
Objectives of Service Catalogue Management Process
Scope of Service Catalogue Mangement Process
Overview of Service Catalogue
Service Catalogue: A Two-View Structure
Service Catalogue: A Three-View Structure
Benefits of Service Catalogue

13. Availability Management
Purpose of Availability Management Process
Objectives of Availability Management Process
Scope of Availability Mangaement Process
Aspects of Availability in Availability Management Process
Overview of Availability Management Process

14. Capacity Management
Purpose of Capacity Management Process
Objectives of Capacity Management Process
Scope of Capacity Management Process
Capacity Plan
Capacity Management Subprocesses

15. IT Service Continuity Management
Purpose of IT Service Continuity Management Process
Objectives of IT Service Continuity Management Process
Scope of IT Service Continuity Management Process
Business Impact Analysis in IT Service Continuity Management Process
Risk Assessment in IT Service Continuity Management Process

16. Information Security Management
Purpose of Information Security Management Prociess
Objectives of Information Security Management Process
Scope of Information Security Management Process
Information Security Management Policies
Sample-ISM Policy

17. Supplier Management
Purpose of Supplier Management Process
Objectives of Supplier Management Process
Scope of Supplier Management Process
Supplier Categorization
Supplier and Contract Management Information System
Roles and Responsibilities of Supplier Manager
Roles and Responsibilities of Process Owner