Java Programming for Beginners Online

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Course Objectives:

1. Getting Started with Java
What is Java?
Setting Up Your Development Environment
What to do When You Get an Error

2. Understanding Typed Variables
Integer Variables
Floating Point Variables
Math Functions
Char Variables

3. Branching
Understanding If Statements
Complex Conditionals

4. Data Structures
Working with Arrays
Multidimensional Arrays

5. Functions
Basic of Java Functions
Advanced Java Functions

6. Modeling with Object Oriented Java
Creating Classes and Objects
Creating Constructors

7. More Object Oriented Java
Abstract Classes

8. Useful Java Classes
Date and Time
String Functionality
The Object Class
Primitive Classes

9. File I/O
Writing Data
Reading Data
Serializing Classes

9. Basic GUI Development
Swing GUIs
A Visual GUI Editor Tool
Events Handling

9. XML
Reading XML Data
Parsing XML Data
Writing XML Data