PowerPoint 2013 Online

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Course Objectives:

1. Tour of the Interface
Interface Tour
The Ribbon
Status Bar
Backstage View
Reuse Slides
Project Plan

2. Organize Your Presentation
Creating a Presentation
Creating Presentation Themes
Modify Slide Backgrounds
Adding and Modifying Slides
Duplicate, Hide Slides
Apply Styles to Slides
Change Slide Layout

3. Inserting and Formatting Shapes
Inserting Slide Content
Inserting Shapes, Resizing Shapes
Apply Borders and Shapes
Modify Shape Backgrounds
Align and Group Shapes
Order Shapes
Modify Slide Order
Merge and Ungroup Shapes

4. Inserting and Formatting Text
Formatting and Text Styles
Change Text to Word Art

5. Customize a Blank Document
Create Bulleted Lists
Create Multiple Columns
Numbered Lists
Insert Hyperlinks
Hyperlinks Insert Menu
Hyperlinks Action
Email Hyperlinks
Link to Slide Content

6. Insert and Format Tables
Insert and Create Tables
Apply Table Styles
Import Tables
Insert Excel Table
Modify Tables

7. Create and Modify Charts
Create Chart
Modify Chart
Insert and Import Chart
Add and Modify a Legend

8. SmartArt
Create SmartArt
Change Color, Change Text
Move Text, Reverse Direction
Insert Images
Resize Images
Apply Effects
Create Screenshot
Create Photo Album

9. Insert Media
Working with Media
Trimming Media
Set Start and Stop Times
Link to External Media
Insert Audio
Inspect Presentation

10. Adding Animations and Transitions
Adding Transitions
Working with Transitions
Animate Slide Content, Animation Pane
Animation Duration
Add Animation to text
Add Animation to Shapes
Paths to Animations
Animation on Charts
Animate a Picture
Entrance Animations
SmartArt Animations
Reorder Animations

11. Slide Masters
Customizing Slides, Slide Master
Insert Master Layout
Master Layout Backgrounds
Name Master Layout
New Slide Master
Add and Change Background

12. Creating Custom Layouts
Add a Picture to Master
Apply Master Layout
Add Header and Footer
Add Notes and Handouts
Modifying Presentation Options
Setup Options

13. Presentation Properties
Modify Presentation Properties
Create Custom Slide Show
Rehearse Timings and Configuration
Configuring Slide Show Options
Altering Presentation Views
Section Headers

14. Printing Presentations
Printer Selection and Color Options
Printer Settings
Print Selections

15. Saving Presentations
Saving the Presentation
Sharing the Presentation
Present Online
Export and Compatibility Checker

16. Navigating and Annotating
Presenting the Presentation
Presenter View
Configure Slide Show Resolution
Adding Password Protection
Restrict Permissions
Proof Presentations
Merge Multiple Presentations

17. Checking the Presentation
Inspect Document
Compress Media
Compatibility and Accessibility
Embed Fonts5