QuickBooks 2013 Online

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Course Objectives:

1.Accounting Basics
Debits and Credits
General Ledger
Fiscal Year
The Accounting Process
QuickBooks-Specific Accounts
QuickBooks Terminology

2.Quickbooks Navigation
Working with Company Files
QuickBooks Preferences
The Toolbar
Updating Company Information
Users and Security
Navigation of the Home Screen
Chart of Accounts
Working with Items

3.Customer Center and Payments
The Customer Center
The Vendor Center
The Sales Process
Receiving Payments
Credit Memos and Refunds
Correcting Common Payment Mistakes
Customer Prepayments
Common Errors with Receipts

4.Sales and Reports
NSF Checks
Bad Debt
Sales Reports
Sales Tax Setup
Paying Sales Tax

Purchase Orders
Pay Bills
Writing Checks
Tracking Credit Cards
Bartering, part 1
Vendor Prepayments
Report Center, part 1
Memorized Transactions
Find, Edit, and Delete