Sexual Harassment Prevention for Managers Online

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1. Overview
Introduction to Sexual Harassment – Managers
What is Workplace Harassment?

2. How It Begins
Respect in the Workplace
How Common is Sexual Harassment?
Legal Implications of Harassment
Consequences of Sexual Harassment – Victim

3. Definition of Sexual Harassment
Variations in Federal and State Law
California Law
Connecticut Law
Maine Law
The State of Sexual Harassment Law

4. Legal Issues
Sexual Harassment Under the Law
Quid Pro Quo
Proving Quid Pro Quo
Hostile Work Environment
Federal Law

5. Harassing Behaviors
Categories of Sexual Harassment
Unwelcome Behavior
Unwelcome Test
Intent vs. Impact
California Intent vs. Impace Example
Lack of Respect
The “Reasonable Person” Standard
Severity and Duration
Types of Harassment

6. Post Accusation
False Claims

7. Discrimination
Discriminatory Harassment
Protected Classes

8. What Managers Can Do
Preventing Sexual Harassment
Responsibilities of Managers/Employers
Discouraging Harassment
Taking Action
Report Immediately and Follow Up
Managerial Susceptibility
Supervisor Scenario
Be Supportive

9. The Costs of Sexual Harassment
Negative Effects
Victim Impact
Company Impact
Employee Impact
What If You Experience Harassment

10. Policy and Procedure
Prevention Policy
Complaint Procedures
Remedies for Victims
Statute of Limitations
Prevention Program