Understanding HIPAA Online

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Course Outline:

1. Introduction to HIPAA
What is HIPAA?
Why is HIPAA Necessary?
Why is HIPAA Important?
What if HIPAA Didn’t Exist?
Technical Overview
What is a Covered Entity?
What is Protected Health Information?
Failure to Follow Guidelines
Examples with Penalties
Additional HIPAA Terms and Concepts
HIPAA Title 2
Title 2 Standards
Focus on Practical Issues
HIPPAA and Employees
Responsibility to the Compay
Selling/Giving Away Information
Information Storage

2. Working with HIPAA
What Does HIPAA Mean to You?
The HIPAA Compliance Officer
Direct Treatment Providers and HIPAA Officers
Appropriate Effort
What Information is Protected?
The HIPAA “Minimum Necessary Standard”
Statistical Information and HIPAA
Information Simulations
Explaining Privacy Rules
Providing Papers and Forms
Privacy Regulations
Recording and Storing Patient Information
Gaining Proper Consent
Fax Machines
Encrypting Electronic Data

3. Protecting Patients
Protecting Patient Information
What is Patient Consent?
Procedures for Protecting Information
Information that Can Be Released
Information that Can Be Given Away
Common HIPAA Myths
Practical Steps You Can Take
Business Associates
Chain of Trust
The Principle of Incidental Disclosure
Using Plain Language
Approaching Customers
Working with Angry Customers
Calming Upset Customer
Talking Over a Patient’s Head
Communicating with the Patient
Public Discussion

4. What is Protected?
Protected Information

5. Rights and Responsibilities
Patient Rights
Working with Law Enforcement
Workers Compensation
Tissue Donation and Research
Complying with Requests

6. Situations