Windows 7 Online

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Course Objectives:

1. Installation and Deployment of Windows 7
Installation Methods
Upgrade Methods
Clean Installation Planning
Performing a Clean Install
Migrating Windows
Image-Based Deployment
Capturing System Images
Manipulating Images
Advanced Imaging Techniques

2. Device Drivers, IE8, Application Compatibility & Restrictions in Windows 7
Working with Device Drivers
Hardware Compatibility
Internet Explorer 8
Understanding Application Compatibility
Using Application Restrictions
Networking In Windows 7
Understanding IPv4 and IPv6
Configuring IP Protocols
Managing Networking Configurations

3. Security in Windows 7
Windows Firewall
Remote System Management
Updating Windows 7
System Event Monitoring
Performance Tuning
Managing Storage
Securing Authentication
Sharing Resources
User Rights Management
Windows 7 Encryption
Remote Connectivity

4. Mobility Options, File Management & Recovery in Windows 7
Configuring Mobility Options
Understanding Branch Cache
Implementing Direct Access
Backing Up Windows 7
System Restore and Recovery
File Management and Recovery

5. Windows 7 Deployment and Software Configuration
Planning Deployment
Application Compatibility
Troubleshooting Deployment
Software Configuration Settings
Application Imaging

6. Windows 7 Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting Application Problems
Repairing Network Applications
Basic Network Troubleshooting
Advanced Network Troubleshooting
Logon Problems
Device Name Resolution
Network Printer

7. System Performance and Storage in Windows 7
System Performance
Performance Analysis Tools
Data Collector Sets
Hardware Troubleshooting Tools
Memory and BIOS Errors

8. Wireless Connections and Security Settings in Windows 7
Wireless Fundamentals
Troubleshooting Wireless Connections
Troubleshooting Remote Access
Supporting Remote Users
Windows 7 Security
IE Security Settings
Encryption Solutions
Windows Updates