Word 2016 Online

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Course Objectives:

1. Microsoft Word 2016 Management
Create and Save Documents
Save and Save As
Manage your Workspace

2. Word Settings
Text Selection and Mini Toolbar
Cut, Copy, and Paste
Undo, Repeat, Redo

3. Preview and Print
Word Formatting
Customizing the Word Environment
Applying Character Formatting
Control Paragraph Layout
Indents and Tabs
Line and Paragraph Spacing
Align Text Using Tabs
Bullets and Numbered Lists
Applying Borders and Shading
Using Find and Replace
Format Painter and Redo
Intro to Styles

4. Word Format List & Tables
Sorting a List
Formatting a List
Inserting a Table
Modifying a Table
Formatting a Table
Converting Test to a Table

5. Additional Word Features
Inserting Special Symbols and Characters
Inserting Images
Apply Page Border and Color
Header and Footers
Controlling Page Layout

6. Word Final Edits
Spellcheck and Grammar
Using Research Tools
Checking Accessibility
Saving a Document to Other Formats

7. Word Format Tables, Charts, and Objects
Sorting Table Data
Cell Layout
Calculations and Equations
Create a Chart
Add Excel Tables and Objects

8. Word Formatting
Text Styles
Style Sets
Custom List and Table Styles
Apply Document Themes

9. Word Building Blocks
Insert Building Blocks
Create and Modify Building Blocks
Insert Fields Using Quickparts

10. Word Templates
Create a Document Using Templates
Create a Template
Modify a Template
Template Organizer

11. Word Paragraph Formatting
Control Paragraph Flow
Insert Section Breaks
Insert Columns
Link Text Boxes

12. Word Additional Formatting
Insert Blank and Cover Pages
Indexes and Concordances
Insert Table of Contents
Ancillary Tables
Table of Authorities
Manage Outlines
Master and Subdocuments

13. Word Mail Merge
Mail Merge
Advanced Mail Merge
Merge Labels
Merge Envelopes