Our Framework

The ADDIE model, historically an instructional design framework, has been used by instructional designers to create courses over the year. We use the ADDIE model in our framework to understand you and your needs, so that we can provide the best support possible.


Training Categories

Leadership Training: We offer more than 300 workshops and eLearning courses, as well as customized learning in leadership, presentations, people skills/management, and more.

Technical and Application Training: Our technical and application training teaches the skills to design, develop, implement, maintain, support, or operate a particular technology or application.

We offer several options to meet your learning goals


Taught by expert instructors, live-online courses can be completed anywhere at the scheduled time. Ask questions, get clarification, and contribute with a live instructor and classmates.


In-person courses are held in our state-of-the-art classroom or can be brought to your site. We harness the ideal combination of lecture, demonstration and hands-on work of our robust curriculum to engage and reinforce new concepts.


On-Demand courses can be completed at your own pace and the curriculum is available for up to one year.

eLearning (Included Courses)

Our MLS contains a 100 course library of free eLearning management and leadership courses that are designed to be complete at your own pace.

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