Project Fundamentals

Course Length: 1 day

Performance-Based Objectives:
Discuss the phases of the Project Management Life Cycle and a project manager’s role in each phase.
·List and discuss basic project success criteria and common reasons for project failure.
·Discuss techniques for setting up a strong project team.
·List and discuss elements of a Risk Management Plan.
·Discuss techniques for planning and sequencing project activities, including the Work Breakdown Structure and the Network Logic Diagram.
·Identify the Critical Path for completing a project on schedule.
·List and discuss the cost elements that should be included in a project budget.
·Discuss techniques for controlling for deviation from budgets and schedules.
·Discuss key elements of project management communications and reporting tools.
·Discuss key activities of project close-out.

Course Content:
Lesson 1: The Project Management Life Cycle
Topic A: What is a Project?
Topic B: The Project Management Life Cycle
Topic C: The Role of the Project Manager

Lesson 2: Setting Up for Success
Topic A: The Meaning of Success
Topic B: What Happens in the Initiation Phase?
Topic C: Project Definition and Scope
Topic D: Putting Together a Statement of Work
Topic E: The Project Charter

Lesson 3: The Project Team
Topic A: The Teamwork Challenge
Topic B: Selecting Team Members
Topic C: The Team Charter

Lesson 4: Risk Management
Topic A: Project Risk

Lesson 5: Project Plans
Topic A: The Work Breakdown Structure
Topic B: Work Package Sequencing

Lesson 6: The Project Schedule
Topic A: The Scheduling Process
Topic B: Time Estimates

Lesson 7: The Project Budget
Topic A: What is a Budget?
Topic B: Creating a Preliminary Budget
Topic C: Budget and Schedule Balancing

Lesson 8: Project Tracking and Control
Topic A: Moving the Project Forward
Topic B: Monitoring for Project Progress
Topic C: Earned Value Analysis
Topic D: Getting Back on Track

Lesson 9: Project Reports
Topic A: Communications Overview
Topic B: Project Performance Reports
Topic C: Project Change Requests

Lesson 10: Project Close-out
Topic A: Elements of Close-out
Topic B: Evaluation of People and Projects