State Pricing

State of South Carolina Classroom Training Solicitation #: 5400017032
Contract Period: 2/20/2019-2/19/2024
Region 5 Counties: Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Georgetown, Hampton, Jasper, and Orangeburg

Core CoursesPrice Per Student (1-3 Students)Price Per Student (4-7 Students)Price Per Student (8-12 Students)
A+ Certification (7-day)$1,995.00$1,995.00$1,995.00
Access Lv 1$101.00$99.00$89.00
Access Lv 2$101.00$99.00$89.00
Administering MS SQL Server (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Administering Windows Server (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Cisco - CCNA (5-day)$1,795.00$1,795.00$1,795.00
Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Configuring and Administering MS SharePoint Server (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Core Solutions of MS SharePoint Server (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications (5-day)$1,625.00$1,625.00$1,625.00
Excel Lv 1$101.00$99.00$89.00
Excel Lv 2$101.00$99.00$89.00
Excel Lv 3$101.00$99.00$89.00
Implementing Data Models/Reports with MS SQL Server (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Implementing Data Warehouse with MS SQL Server (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Installing and Configuring Windows Server (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Intro to Programming (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Intro to SQL Databases (3-day)$848.00$848.00$848.00
MS 365: Web Apps and Collaboration for Office$101.00$99.00$89.00
Outlook Lv 1$101.00$99.00$89.00
Outlook Lv 2$101.00$99.00$89.00
Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL Databases (4-day)$1,131.00$1,131.00$1,131.00
Photoshop Lv 1$157.00$157.00$157.00
Photoshop Lv 2$157.00$157.00$157.00
PowerPoint Lv 1$101.00$99.00$89.00
PowerPoint Lv 2$101.00$99.00$89.00
Programming in C# (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Programming MS SQL Server (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Project Lv 1$198.00$198.00$198.00
Project Lv 2$198.00$198.00$198.00
Querying MS SQL Server (5-day)$1,414.00$1,414.00$1,414.00
Visio Lv 1$135.00$135.00$135.00
Visio Lv 2$135.00$135.00$135.00
Windows Lv 1$101.00$99.00$89.00
Windows Lv 2$101.00$99.00$89.00
Word Lv 1$101.00$99.00$89.00
Word Lv 2$101.00$99.00$89.00
Word Lv 3$101.00$99.00$89.00
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