Basics of Manufacturing

Length: 1 day

Description: An ideal primer for those interested in learning more about manufacturing processes. The theory, tools, and technology offered in this course will expand the reader’s knowledge base to enhance existing skills, and introduce new information and skills.

Table Of Contents:
Module 1: Key Competitive Challenges
The Big Picture

Module 2: Long-Term Planning
Long-Term Planning
Establish a Business Plan
Develop the Annual Production Plan

Module 3: Medium-Term Planning
Medium-Term Planning
Forecast Shipment Levels
Test the Master Production Schedule

Module 4: Short-Term Planning Phase 1: Material Control
Short-Term Planning
Implement Requirements Planning
Determine Gross-to-Net Requirements

Module 5: Short-Term Planning Phase 2: Production Activity Control
Production Activity Control
Load Work Centers
Begin Building and Monitoring Progress

Module 6: Short-Term Planning Phase 3: Evolution to JIT Manufacturing
Just-in-Time Manufacturing
Implement JIT Principles
Moving Toward JIT
Educating Your Suppliers

Module 7: Short-Term Planning Phase 4: Inventory Control
Inventory Control
Deliver Product to the Customer