Behavior Based Interviewing

Length: 1 day

Description: At the completion of this course, you’ll have the critical skills to find the right person for the right job every time, develop clear and accurate job descriptions and requirements, establish a fair and defensible hiring process, and construct unbiased, objective interview questions. To compete in today’s market, businesses must adapt quickly to the ever-changing environment. Finding the right person to fit your company’s needs is essential. This course will help you develop practical, specific, well-defined behavioral criteria to determine if a candidate can deliver the expected results.

Table Of Contents:
The Realities of Interviewing
The Legalities of Interviewing
The Behavior-Based Interview Process
The Four-Chapter Selection Model

Phase 1: Gather Information
The Behavior-Based Interview
The Employee Requisition Form
The Position Description
Consulting with Knowledge Givers
The Performance Review
The Position Requirements/Profile
Glossary of Defined Behaviors
Creating a Dimension Matrix
Background Review

Phase 2: Conduct the Interview
Principles of Effective Interviewing
Developing Interview Questions
The Interview Question Matrix
The Importance of Questions
Open-Ended and Closed Questions
The Interview Worksheet
Behavioral Rating Profile
The Interview Process
Avoiding Interview Bias

Phase 3: Interpret Behavior
Interpreting Behavior
What You See
What You Hear
The Words and the Music

Phase 4: Follow-Up
After the Interview
Letters of Importance
Process of Improvements
Form Disposition