Better Business Writing

Length: 1 day

Create more engaging presentations, more actionable e-mails and more persuasive memos. The need for sharp writing skills in business is greater today than ever before. We’re surrounded by mountains of text on our virtual and actual desktops every day. Learn how to choose the most powerful words and write the most effective documents to give yourself a much needed edge.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Back to the Basics
Mastering Spelling, Punctuation, and Usage
Six Tips for Better Spelling
Punctuation Pointers
Part Summary

Part 2: Choosing Your Words Carefully
Sharpening Your Writing Style
Deleting (Unnecessary) Redundancies
Forming Parallel Construction
Recognizing Clich├ęs
Avoiding Sexist Language
Part Summary

Part 3: Improving Your Business Writing
Strengthening Your Memos
Using Email Effectively
Ten Tips for a Better Memo
How to Begin
Part Summary

Part 4: Writing for Special Circumstances
Special Kinds of Business Writing
Conveying Bad News Tactfully
When the News Is Especially Sensitive
Writing Persuasively
Using the Motivated Sequence Outline
Part Summary

Part 5: Know Your Audience
Identifying Communication Styles
Writing to Specific Styles
Ten Techniques for Effective Communication
Voluntary Learning Contract
Part Summary