Length: 1 day

This trainer-friendly learning guide provides the perfect solution for a one-day training course. Designed for quick scanning in the classroom, and filled with interactive exercises, these open, modular guides virtually guarantee success for your instructors.

Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: Budgeting fundamentals
Topic A: Overview
Topic B: Cash and master budgets

Unit 2: Reviewing budgets
Topic A: Analyzing budgets
Topic B: Justification and approval

Unit 3: Operating budgets
Topic A: Operating budget basics
Topic B: Operating budget terminology
Topic C: Operating budget methods

Unit 4: Manufacturing budgets
Topic A: Manufacturing budget basics
Topic B: Interpretation

Unit 5: Variance, forecasts, and action plans
Topic A: Variance and forecasts
Topic B: Action plans

Unit 6: Capital budgets
Topic A: Capital budget basics
Topic B: Discounted cash flow method

Unit 7: Capital budget analysis
Topic A: The capital budgeting process
Topic B: Capital budget evaluation