Call Center Management

Length: 1 day

This ILT Series course give students an overview of inbound call centers, managerial roles, and technologies that affect call centers. The course teaches students how to establish a call center, identify the call center managers’ typical responsibilities, and determine the necessary technologies needed to best serve the company’s customers, identify customer expectations, reduce the percentage of lost calls, calculate staff levels, and identify the reports that are used to evaluate a call center’s performance. Students will also learn about establishing service goals, identifying areas for attention, and communicating effectively with executives. Course activities also cover reducing turnover, training employees effectively, managing employee stress, motivating, and communicating with employees. Finally, students will learn how to evaluate employee performance and establish monitoring programs. The manual is designed for quick scanning in the classroom and filled with interactive exercises that help ensure student success.

Table Of Contents:
Unit 1: Call center fundamentals
Topic A: Establishing a call center
Topic B: Setting up the call center

Unit 2: Call center technology
Topic A: Service and information technology
Topic B: Call load and staffing

Unit 3: Employee motivation and monitoring
Topic A: Employee motivation
Topic B: Communication with employees
Topic C: Employee performance evaluation
Topic D: Employee monitoring tools

Unit 4: Employee management
Topic A: Reduce turnover
Topic B: Stress management
Topic C: Training

Unit 5: Customer management
Topic A: Customer expectations
Topic B: Customer relationship management

Unit 6: Managing for excellent service
Topic A: Setting service levels
Topic B: Achieving service levels
Topic C: Analyzing reports

Unit 7: Communicating information to executives
Topic A: Information that executives need
Topic B: Communicate with executives