Call Center Success

Length: 1 day

Description: Master the skills needed to face the challenges of a Customer Service Representative position. Guaranteed to turn out top-notch CSRs. Handle calls professionally and effectively. Learn how to keep a positive attitude, even in the most trying situations. Create a self-improvement plan for better service.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: The CSR–A Powerful Voice
The CSR’s Valuable Role
First Impressions Count
The Call Center Challenge
The Quality Call

Part 2: Gaining the Professional Edge
Six Elements of Professionalism
Element 1: Manage the Customer Call
Element 2: Know Your Products and Services
Element 3: Be a Team Player
Element 4: Remain Customer Focused
Element 5: Take Responsibility
Element 6: Make a Commitment

Part 3: The All-Important Customer
Recognizing the Customer’s Style
Tailoring Your Responses
Guidelines for Analytical and Assertive Customers
Understanding Your Own Behavioral Style
Eight Customer Needs

Part 4: Building Your Communication Skills
Ten Essential Communication Skills
Skill 1: Listening Effectively
Skill 2: Extending Common Courtesy
Skill 3: Avoiding Statements That Give the Wrong Impression
Skill 4: Using the Customer’s Language
Skill 5: Gathering Customer Information
Skill 6: Satisfying the Angry Customer
Skill 7: Managing Technology
Skill 8: Writing Effective Email
Skill 9: Mental Scripting
Skill 10: Closing the Conversation

Part 5: Attitude–Your Most Important Asset
Shaping Your Attitude
Choosing a Positive Attitude
The Impact of Stress on Your Attitude
The Call Center Workload
Avoiding Office Gossip and Drama

Part 6: A Plan for Self Improvement
Three Steps to Self Improvement
Step 1: Take Stock of Your Skills
Step 2: Define Your Objectives
Step 3: Develop Your Action Plan