Change Management

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With today’s fast-paced and hectic way of doing business, change in the workplace has become an everyday reality. Change happens rapidly and sometimes with very little notice. Major changes such as mergers, takeovers, and layoffs can leave employees feeling confused, fearful, or disheartened. CHANGE MANAGEMENT helps managers work through organizational change with strategies for providing positive leadership while dealing effectively with resistance and other trouble spots. The newly updated third edition includes competency assessments to help managers become adept change leaders who will inspire and motivate their employees.

Table Of Contents:
Getting the Most from This Book
Assumptions About Change

Part 1: Facing Change
The Pace of Organizational Change
Where to Focus Your Efforts
Managing in Today’s Changing Organization
The Importance of Continuous Learning
Organizational Responses to Change
The Leader’s Role During Change
Five Elements to Change Planning
Preparing for Change
Five Phases in Planning for Change

Part 2: Understanding Change
Recognizing That Change Involves Loss
Common Losses from Workplace Change
Building Supportive Relationships to Ease Change
Transitioning Through Change
The First Reaction to Change: Denial
The Second Phase: Resistance
Using Ritual to Transition Out of Resistance
The Final Phases: Exploration and Commitment
Identifying the Phases in Your Team’s Behavior
Management Strategies for Each Phase
Beware the Traps of Transitioning Too Quickly
Eight Guidelines for Leading Change

Part 3: Leading Change
Communicating About Change
Guidelines for Informing Your Team
Meeting with Employees Throughout the Change Process
Planning and Leading a Change Meeting
Formulating Your Message
Better Communication Through Active Listening
Setting the Stage for Engaging Your Team
Motivating Your Team to Get Involved
Six Steps for Setting Goals Together
Maintaining Employee Involvement
Becoming a Change Leader
Creating a Vision with Your Group

Part 4: Creating a Change Action Plan
An Action Plan for Success
Recommended Reading