Competency and the Learning Organization

Length: 1 day

Description: Competency models have proven to be one of the most cost effective and quickest ways to put ideas into practice. This course presents a brief but comprehensive overview of competency-based programs and how they can be used to improve the performance of any size organization.

Table Of Contents:
Competency-Base Learning
Learning Objectives for Competency-Based Learning
Before We Begin: Build a Competency Vocabulary
Success Stories
The Learning Organization and Adult Learners
Development Options for the Learning Organization

Chapter 1: Building the Foundation
A Systems Approach to Organizational Learning
Strategic Leaning Systems Model
The Foundation ‘ Steps 1 and 2
Case: The HON Company
Customizing Models Designed by Others
Workforce Competency Model
Office of Personnel Management Model
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Chapter 2: Designing a Competency-Base Curriculum
Assumptions About Adult Learners
Four Classic Assumptions
Adult Development and Learning Activities
Meeting the Needs of Adult Learners
Designing a Competency-Based Curriculum
Integrated Competency-Based Curricula: An Ideal Choice
Assessing Your Curriculum
Developing a Competency-Based Learning Curriculum: Recommendations
Assessing Your Resources to Design Your Own Curriculum
Chapternering with a Supplier to Design a Curriculum
How Do I Know What to Chapterner?
Evaluation Exercise
With Whom Should I Chapterner?
Rating Form
How Can You Use Off-the-Shelf or Customized Programs?
Case: The Hon Company ‘Adjusts the Spokes’
Selecting Delivery Options
Competency-Based Learning Delivery Options
Developing the Right mix For You
Case: Sears University Correspondence Program
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Chapter 3: Implementing Successful Competency-Based Learning Programs
Implementing a Competency-Based Learning Program
Role of the Project Team
Communication Strategies
Guidelines for Implementing the CBL Program
The Critical Role of the Supervisor
Case: Kodak Latin America Region
Case: Bank of Montreal
Implementation Requirements for Delivery Options
Self-Directed Learning Implementation
Case: Myer Grace Bros
Technology-Driven Learning
The Pilot and Launch
Launching the Competency-Base Learning Program
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Chapter 4: Evaluating and Measuring Competency ‘Base Learning Programs
Evaluation and Measurement
Competency Development is a Continuous Process
Evaluating Results-Oriented CBL Learning Programs
Models for Competency-Based Learning Evaluation
The Four Levels of Evaluation
Benchmarking and Metrics