Creating a Learning Organization

Length: 1 day

Description: To create a learning organization, learning must be integrated as a regular part of the job. Written for managers on all levels, this book explores what is takes to become a learning organization, using case studies to demonstrate why learning is important and how to achieve on-going learning success. The individual’s learning responsibility is also discussed, including attitudes to learning, stages, and risk taking.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Why Become a Learning Organization?
Learning Organization Checklist
What Is a Learning Organization?
Why Is Learning So Important Now?
What’s the Investment?
Who’s Responsible for Learning?

Part 2: What It Takes to Become a Learning Organization
Tools Important to a Learning Organization
The Tools and Their Continuums
Getting’and Keeping’the Learning Edge

Part 3: The Organization’s Responsibility for Learning
Organizational Attitudes Toward Learning
Barriers to Learning
Managing Organizational Learning
Determining What Type of Learning Is Needed
Developing Resources’and Resourcefulness’in Learning

Part 4: The Individual’s Responsibility for Learning
Attitudes to Cultivate in Individual Learners
The Stages of Learning
Openness to Learning
Risk Taking
Your Personal Responsibility for Learning
Creative or Reactive/Responsive?
The Seven Intelligences
Five Strategies to Manage Creative Tension