Delivering Effective Training Sessions

Length: 1 day

Description: Conducting an effective training program demands more than good public speaking skills. This course teaches how to use icebreakers, audio and visual aids, group interaction, and personal style to deliver an effective presentation.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: About the Presentation
Conscious Confidence
Fears and Fantasies
Creating the Event: Gathering the Facts
Developing the Presentation: Organizing the Material

Part 2: Rehearsing Your Presentation
Writing the Script
Rehearsing the Presentation

Part 3: It’s Your Show
Setting Up the Room
Room Layouts
Mechanical Details
Meeting and Greeting: How to Get a Leg Up
First Fifteen Minutes: Success or Failure
Breaking the Ice
Administrative Issues

Part 4: The Use of Visual Aids
Delivering the Content
Selecting Presentation Aids
Creating Overheads

Part 5: Managing the Show
You Are in Charge! Encouraging Interaction
Avoiding Fatal Flaws
Focusing on Your Audience
Getting—and Keeping—the Ball Rolling
Time Considerations
Final Closing
Presentation Development Model
The Case Study
Role Play