Effective Recruiting Strategies

Length: 1 day

Description: The success of any organization depends on the quality of the people it hires. This course describes a marketing approach to finding the best candidates. In addition to traditional recruiting, effective alternative strategies like networking, job fairs, and employees referral programs are also discussed.

Table Of Contents:
Section 1: A Marketing Approach to Recruiting
Why This Book?
How This Book Can Help You
Who This Book Is For
Recruitment Assessment

Section 2: The Traditional Methods
Exploring Traditional Methods
Newspaper Ads
Doing It Right
Exercise: Write an Ad
Sample Ad for Newspaper
Recruiting Services
Using Recruiters Right

Section 3: Community Outreach
Benefits of Using Community Organizations
Developing Your Contacts
Exercise: List Community Organizations
Sample Resource List
Maximizing Your Efforts with Community Groups
Exercise: Write Your Job Posting to a Community Group
Sample Job Posting
Sample Cover Page
Sample Inside Cover Page

Section 4: Networking and Employee Referral Programs
The Value of Networking
With Whom to Network
Exercise: Recruiting Network
Exercise: Networking in the Community
Be Willing to Give
Tips for an Effective Referral Program

Section 5: Job Fairs
What Is a Job Fair?
Benefits Gained from a Job Fair
Optimizing Participation in a Job Fair
Job Fair Case Study

Section 6: Other Useful Strategies
A List of Ideas
Exercise: Brainstorming

Section 7: Stay Involved in Your Community
Reaching Out
Managing Time