Employee Suggestion Systems

Length: 1 day

Description: Employee-generated ideas can be a company’s greatest competitive advantage. Now supervisors, managers, and business owners can learn how to benefit from employee suggestions. This book explains how to encourage employees to submit their improvement ideas, monitor submissions, evaluate suggestions, communicate results, and establish a reward program. How to overcome negativity, apathy, fear, and other attitudes that hinder improvement is also discussed. Other covered topics include how to get a steady flow of improvement ideas from employees, how to encourage employees to actively think about and search for improvement ideas, and much more.

Table Of Contents:
Part 1: The Improvement Movement
The Power of Ideas: Billion$ $aved!
Benefits of Employee Suggestion Systems
Why Ask Employees for Suggestions
Three Fundamental Principles of ESSs

Part 2: Building Your Suggestion System
Setting Up the Suggestion System
Step 1: Lay the Foundation
Gaining the Support of Executive Management
Step 2: Determine Goals and Objectives
Defining Your Goals and Objectives
Step 3: Develop Policy on Critical Issues
Addressing the 12 Key Issues
Step 4: Design the ESS Structure
Forming a Program Identity
Designing a Process Flowchart
Establishing Rules
Writing a Policy Manual

Part 3: Introducing the ESS to the Organization
Step 5: Train Everyone Involved
Implementing the Training Plan
Spotting Problems and Generating Ideas
Training for Evaluators
Step 6: Promote the ESS
Ensuring Success
Step 7: Anticipate and Field Questions
Answering 13 Common Questions

Part 4: Fine-Tuning the ESS
Step 8: Maintain the ESS
Maintaining and Improving Your ESS
Concluding Tips and Observations

Part 5: ESS Forms