Event Planning

Length: 1 day

Description: To be a successful event planner takes a special person with a combination of creative and organizational skills. Attention to detail is a must, as is generating theme ideas for the event, launching an effective marketing campaign, and, if necessary, dealing with the unexpected. EVENT PLANNING FOR EVERYONE helps you develop and organize your ideas for your next event with a variety of tools and checklists to help you keep track of all the necessary details, from developing a budget to selecting a location to writing a press release. This book helps you pull it all together and have fun in the process!

Table Of Contents:
Assess Your Knowledge of Event Planning
Understand Event-Planning Duties

Part 1: Developing an Overall Plan
Thinking Like a Project Manager
Determining the Purpose
Taking the Lead
Forming a Committee
Generating Theme Ideas

Part 2: Organizing Assignments
Outlining Major Tasks
Using Forms to Stay on Track
Organizing Documents
Matching Tasks with People’s Skills
Understanding Personality Styles
Different Personalities Can Cooperate

Part 3: Partnering with Vendors and Sponsors
Learning the Lingo
Negotiating with Vendo
Developing Your Negotiation Skills
Coming to Terms
Putting It in Writing
Soliciting Event Sponsors
Emphasizing Benefits of Sponsorship
Developing Sponsorship Prospects
Summary 70

Part 4: Marketing Your Event
Spreading the Word
Attracting Attention with Marketing
Designing a Logo
Appealing to Your Target Audience
Setting Up a Web Site
Seeking Media Coverage
Building Media Relationships
Writing a Press Release

Part 5: Dealing with the Unexpected
Preventing Problems from Occurring
Coping on the Spot
Recovering from Mishaps and Disasters
Addressing Additional Considerations

Part 6: Reviewing Your Efforts
Debriefing Promptly
Giving Effective Feedback
Compiling Event Evaluations
Documenting Results
Showing Appreciation to Your Team