Excel 2013 Level 1

Microsoft® Office Excel® 2013: Part 1

Course Length:1 day

Course Content:

Chapter 1: Fundamentals
Module A: Getting around
Module B: Workbook basics

Chapter 2: Creating worksheets
Module A: Entering data
Module B: Formulas
Module C: Functions
Module D: Moving and copying data
Module E: Reference types

Chapter 3: Formatting
Module A: Text formatting
Module B: Number formatting
Module C: Alignment
Module D: Borders and highlighting
Module E: Styles and themes

Chapter 4: Manipulating data
Module A: Data entry shortcuts
Module B: Paste options
Module C: Inserting, deleting, and hiding

Chapter 5: Charts
Module A: Creating charts
Module B: Chart types and elements

Chapter 6: Output
Module A: Managing worksheet windows
Module B: Printing worksheets
Module C: Sharing workbooks

Chapter 7: Settings and templates
Module A: Workbook options and properties
Module B: Templates